Privacy Policy

The inca business services team is committed to respecting and managing appropriately the security and confidentiality of every client and client’s users of the inca business services systems in accordance with best practices.

In order to do so key personnel and resources will be allocated ensuring we achieve our objectives.

We will meet or exceed the requirements of our obligations to comply with Privacy Acts and Legislation. In order for us to meet and or exceed our objectives the security of our system will be continually monitored on a regular basis.
Our personnel will be continually trained on the significance of information security management and the processes that we require compliance with. They will be monitored regularly to ensure we meet our objectives. Resources will be allocated to ensure the manner in which we transmit, disseminate, record, store and research data usage is compliant to our objectives and legislative obligations.

All processes will be rigorously tested before being applied or integrated within our system.

Privacy and Information Management

The privacy of your information is a matter that we see as fundamental obligation we have to you and your users and as such inca business services takes privacy very seriously.

User access

It is your responsibility to keep your login details and password/s to inca business services safe.

In instances where you feel the security of your account is breached you must notify us as soon as practicable of the unauthorised use of your Account or believe that the security of your account/access may be compromised.

Within the system you have the ability to change passwords for your users and we would advocate this is done as soon as you become aware. It is also wise to change passwords on a regular basis.

Your use of our service and establishment of an account within inca business services is your agreement to be bound by the conditions stipulated in the terms and conditions of our Information, Privacy and Security Management Statement.

In order for us to provide you with access to the features of the inca business services management system we need to obtain information about you and your business. In order for you to gain the greatest benefits in meeting your compliance obligations with the benefits of real time data you will need to enter information about your businesses work, clients, staff, subcontractors and or those who work for and or with you.

In providing our service inca business services will collect and store data about your employees, your suppliers and your clients’ details or locations of where you carry out your work activities in conducting your business.

The compliance requirements necessitate the collection and storage of information (data) about the points identified above. That information includes “Personal Information” which is information about an identifiable individual, and may include information such as the individual’s name, email address, telephone number, tax file number/details and medical records.

In instances where our team work directly with you to set up, manage and provide support we may also handle and deal with personal information.

You have the right not to provide your personal information however it may mean that we are unable to provide you with the full benefits of our services.

This means that you must make reasonable effort to ensure the individual concerned is aware of and has consented to the information detailed in this Information, Privacy and Security Management Statement, including that their personal information is being collected, the purposes for which that information is being collected, the intended recipients of that information, the individual's right to obtain access to that information, our identity and our contact information.

If requested to do so you must also assist in facilitating any request by an individual to access or update their personal information that has been collected from them.

Reports on injuries and other medical information is required to be kept for varying periods of time, information collected in these instances is retained as a part of the process for you to maintain your compliance obligations.

In providing you and your business access to inca business services information is collected, some of this information is used to;
•  verify your identity
•  provide you with access to the system
•  communicate with you regarding our services and improvements, maintenance and system updates etc.
•  carry out marketing or training for system and service improvements
•  the provision of technical support
•  compliance with applicable law (Acts and Regulations) in applicable jurisdictions

Your use of inca business services is your consent to the use of the personal information being collected, held and used in this way and for any other use.

Personal information will only be used in the manner and for the purposes detailed in this policy.

Non identifiable personal data can be used for research and in instances where of value to reduce you and your businesses exposure to risks and hazards. Data collected in this way will not identify you or any other individual.

This non-personal identifiable data will be used in assisting us:
•  gain greater insight on how our customers use inca business services,
•  offer you further information on the features and benefits that inca business services provides
•  improve the benefits you gain from using inca business services
•  develop and improve inca business services

Your data is stored on servers located in either Sydney or Melbourne owing to the greater security provided for data stored in Australia. For the purposes of meeting the Australian Privacy Legislation, and Australian users inca business services does not “disclose” personal data to entities or parties located overseas. Data (personal and non-personal) entered into inca business services by you or imported into inca business services is transferred to our servers using double encryption SSL server protocols and meeting the compliance requirements of ISO / IEC 27001:2013 Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems and the EU Safe Harbour Framework.

The EU Safe Harbour Principles that we and our various service providers agree to meet and comply with are;
•  Notify individuals about the collection of their personal data
•  Give them choices regarding certain uses of their personal data
•  Ensure the accuracy and integrity of their personal data<
•  Allow access and if necessary correction of their personal data
•  Protect the security of the personal data
•  Comply with restrictions on further transfers of the personal data
•  Provide an independent dispute resolution mechanism for privacy complaints concerning personal data that they collect, receive or process.

In providing personal information, you are consenting to our storage and collection principles for data storage on our Software.

In our commitment to protecting the security of your personal information we have taken every reasonable precaution to protect it from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. To achieve this your information is stored on secure servers that have SSL Certificates issued by leading certification authorities such as Entrust & GTE Cybertrust. All Data transferred between you when you are entering and recording information on our system is encrypted.

The Internet is not in itself a secure environment, as such we cannot give an absolute assurance that your information will be secure at all times owing to influences that are out of our control. Transmission of personal data via the Internet is at your risk, you should only enter, or instruct the entering of, personal information to the Service within a secure environment and the platforms provided.

Should inca business services become aware, discover or be notified of a security breach where your personal data is lost, stolen, accessed, used, disclosed, copied, modified, or disposed of by any unauthorised persons or in any unauthorised manner we will notify you as soon as is possible.

inca business services will only disclose personal data that you have provided to us to entities outside of our business with your express instructions or where issued with directives through the courts, court orders, subpoenas (legal processes and or legal investigations). In instances where we are provided with instruction defined in this paragraph we will notify you of the directives placed upon us.

In accepting our terms and conditions you are committing to ensure that the information and personal data you provide is accurate, complete and up-to-date. You may request access to the information we hold about you, or request that we update or correct any personal information we hold regarding you, this must be done by setting out your request in writing and sending it to us at

Your request will be processed as soon as reasonably practicable once we have established proof / confirmation of your identity provided we are not otherwise instructed from doing so on legal grounds.

If for any reason we are unable to comply with your request, we will let you know and the reasons why. This denial may occur in instances where it would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy or affairs of other individuals,

Your data and information will be kept for as long as is required in order to provide you with the services inca business services provide. There are also legal obligations placed on your business to keep some of your businesses data / information for specified periods of time, for example under certain laws relating to Workplace Health and Safety laws and corporation’s laws.Email communication

Invoicing / billing information, product information, service updates, and or service notifications are sent to you via email. All emails distributed will contain clear instructions on how you can opt out from an email list that is not essential for us in providing you with inca business services. We do not respond to or honour “Do Not Track” requests when dealing with instances defined earlier in this paragraph.

Credit Cards.

We do not store your credit card details.

Third party user access

Should you feel that we have breached our privacy commitments and obligations to you, please notify our Privacy Management Leader by email or mail providing comprehensive details of the situation and or occurrence.

Privacy Management
inca business services.
PO Box 213 Wavell Heights Qld 4012

Our commitment to you is that we will respond within 5 business days. We will investigate your complaint and report back to you within 21 business days, should the investigation not be resolved we will notify you of our>
Should amendments to this policy occur this will be updated on our website, your continuance to use inca business services is deemed your acceptance to our Information, Privacy and Security Management Process. With revision control being evident.