Silica Safety Awareness

Course Overview

In this Silica Safety Awareness course, you will learn about silica and silica dust encountered during construction activities. 

This course will identify the basic health hazards associated with exposure to silica and respirable crystalline silica dust, some of the common construction tasks that could result in exposure to respirable crystalline and typical control measures that may be implemented to protect workers from exposure to silica and respirable crystalline silica, including engineering controls, work practices and respirators. 

Construction personnel who inhale fine particles of silica may be at risk of developing silicosis. The small particles easily become suspended in the air, and when inhaled, penetrate deep into persons lungs. In this online course, you will learn how to identify and work safely with silica.

More Course Information

The learning outcomes for the Silica Safety Awareness Safety Course are:

  • What is Silica
  • Health Effects of Silica Exposure
  • Exposure Levels
  • Symptoms of Exposure
  • What is Silicosis
  • Industries at Risk
  • Hierarchy of Control and Silica Dust
  • Risk Management
  • Respiratory Protection Plan
  • Legal Standards
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Obtaining a Certificate of Completion in Silica Safety Awareness


You will receive a certificate outlining the course name and a list of your learning outcomes

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