Working with Ladders

Course Overview

Ladders are primarily a means of access. The time involved in moving and setting up ladders is often underestimated when planning work.

The working position on ladders is often uncomfortable, (the need to stretch sideways, work above shoulder height and stand on narrow rungs for a long time) and may cause musculoskeletal disorders.

To provide team members with the practical knowledge and skills to identify the selection, use, storage, maintenance and inspection of Ladders. It also covers all the relevant health & safety laws including Regulations.

More Course Information

The learning outcomes for the Working with Ladders Safety Course are:

  • What is a Portable Ladder
  • How to Properly Inspect Your Ladder
  • How to Select the Right Portable Ladder
  • How to Handle & Transport Your Ladder
  • How to Store Ladders
  • Positioning Ladders
  • Injury Prevention
  • Safe use of Ladders
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$30 (incl. GST)



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Obtaining a Certificate of Completion in Working with Ladders


You will receive a certificate outlining the course name and a list of your learning outcomes

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