Electrical Safety

Course Overview

Because we use electricity safely all the time, it's easy to take for granted just how dangerous it can be. The powerful nature of electricity is governed by a few simple rules, with an understanding of these rules, you will be better equipped to identify common electrical hazards in the workplace. 

By maintaining a safe work environment and by implementing safe work practises, you can help prevent electrical related incidents happening to you, and to your co-workers.  

With our online Electrical Safety Course, you will learn the basics of electricity and the dangerous effects it can have on the human body. We’ll take a look at the sources of electrical hazards and how to manage them, inspecting and testing requirements for electrical equipment, and first aid requirements.

More Course Information

The learning outcomes for the Electrical Safety Course are:

  • Electricity and the human body
  • Electricity general principles
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electrical hazards
  • Working with electricity
  • Protection, isolation & testing
  • Overhead, underground and hidden electricity
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$40 (incl. GST)



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Obtaining a Certificate of Completion in Electrical Safety


You will receive a certificate outlining the course name and a list of your learning outcomes

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