Asbestos Awareness

Course Overview

This course will provide you with knowledge on what asbestos is, identifying types of asbestos, using the asbestos register, why it is dangerous, applying laws for the use of asbestos. You will also gain the fundamentals of best practices associated with safe removal of asbestos.

More Course Information

Asbestos materials were used commonly in the building industry between the 1940s and late 1980s. If you believe the building was built before 01/01/2004, The owner/occupier for commercial properties, has an obligation to ensure its safety when being exposed to Asbestos. Most people cannot tell whether building materials contain asbestos just by looking at them. Asbestos awareness training is essential for any worker in construction or related industries where asbestos containing materials may be present. If you need to work in environments where asbestos may be present, completing this online course will assist you to identify materials likely to contain asbestos, and teach you the safety requirements for working with asbestos.

The learning outcomes for the Asbestos Awareness Safety Course are:

  • What is Asbestos
  • What types of building products contain Asbestos
  • Where can Asbestos be found
  • Asbestos and your health
  • SafeWork procedures
  • Asbestos and PPE
  • Asbestos register
  • Asbestos management plan
  • Safe cleanup of Asbestos
  • Safe transport and disposal
  • Legal requirements and responsibilities
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Obtaining a Certificate of Completion in Asbestos Awareness


You will receive a certificate outlining the course name and a list of your learning outcomes

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